About Customer Obsessing Consulting

Customer Obsessing is a boutique consulting firm providing strategic advice and tactical plans to equip organizations with customer centricity. Our proven Customer Obsession Framework builds a solid knowledge base, which we fully adapt and customize for any use case.

For the last 20 years we’ve helped companies reach industry leading revenue, net retention and Net Promoter Scores. We have scaled the model to support up to $1B in annual recurring revenues and were awarded two Gold Stevie awards.  We leverage this deep expertise to bootstrap or transform your organization to be a world-class, customer focused powerhouse that delivers outstanding financial results. 

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Our Vision

To bring Customer Obsession to every organization in the world

Our Mision

We empower organizations to maximize the value they bring by connecting everyone in the idea of customer centricity

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to unite organizations in the idea of customer centricity! To do so, we work closely by your side to build a custom approach that fits best for your business and to implement tailored and individual solutions.

While we are skilled professionals in the field of building outstanding customer services teams, our focus is on bringing fresh and engaging perspectives to you and your teams. We unite in our enthusiasm for delighting customers and want to supercharge your organizations with this energy. Our passion lies in empowering you to embrace your full potential, which is why our consultancy work is based on a collaborative approach which always includes all relevant stakeholders. 

We believe the secret to building a great and lasting company is not rocket science.  A great product coupled with world-class service are the two key pillars.  We want to achieve a lasting positive impact on your organization by developing and implementing changes together with you!

Our Work Approach


We listen to and understand feedback from your organization and customers to identify current gaps. By further analyzing people, systems and processes along the customer journey, we understand your current approach to serving customers.


We develop and deliver a plan tailored to your specific needs and work hand in hand with your teams to build an approach that works best for your business.


We suggest a company-wide roll out approach and support your team to implement and live the customer obsession framework cross-functionally.

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