Our Team

We are a group of customer fanatics! 

Our Team unites in the enthusiasm and passion to enable those around us to become the best version of themselves, including ourselves.

  • Mutually complementing strengths and areas of expertise 
  • Deep industry knowledge combined with innovative and forward thinking 
  • Engaging and fun to work with
Teresa Göstenmeier, Sally Stöwe and Amy Downs from Customer Obsessing

Amy Downs


Amy is an authentic and energetic leader with 20 years of experience in enterprise software, known for inspiring teams, operationalizing plans and mobilizing organizations to deliver exceptional business results.  She served as VP of Customer Success, Support, and Professional Services EMEA & APJ at Twilio, managing ~$1B in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and achieved a 140% Net Dollar Retention (NDR) rate after implementing her Customer Obsessing Framework. In addition, she grew the teams in EMEA and APJ from 14 to 250+, opening two major supporting hubs in Poland and India in just under two years. She was also the Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer at Lifesize and VP of Customer Experience at Aspect (Voxeo) and has spent 14 years in the CPaaS and SaaS space. 

With 16 years of global expertise, Amy has led teams in large organizations and scaled two startups from early stage to >$100M in recurring revenues with world-class net retention and NPS.  In these roles, she was responsible for ensuring the organization lived up to their core value of Customer Obsession. From customer support, customer success, professional services, training and community/advocacy, and customer experience, Amy drove the strategy and execution of programs that helped customers and partners bring successful solutions to their companies. Amy’s tried and true Customer Obsession Framework couples her operational know-how and technical acumen to deliver world-class results to the organizations we consult with.

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Teresa Göstenmeier

Teresa is an empathic and curious psychology and customer experience enthusiast and all about mastering the art of customer and employee loyalty. Through her studies in business psychology, she gained an extensive understanding of the complex interdependencies within an organization and the psychological foundations of  customer behavior. In combination with her professional background in marketing and customer experience, she helps companies develop and refine their brand image by crafting specialty voice of the customer and voice of the employee surveys and programs. Teresa is passionate about creating a positive environment for employees and empowering them to drive change for customers. Her ability to deep dive with employees to understand the customer journey and craft meaningful questions for customers enables deep and rich insights for her customers. This knowledge coupled with employee engagement data has led to positive outcomes for the companies she consults with, resulting in increased customer and employee loyalty.

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Sally Stöwe

Sally is a lively and passionate project and change manager that thrives through bringing teams together to facilitate meaningful conversations and creative thinking.  She started her career in classic retail sales, leading diverse sales teams across Europe. This background shaped her role as an empathic trainer and manifested her mission to enable the people around her to tap into their full potential. After shifting her career through an MBA program, Sally supported all post-sales functions as a project manager in SaaS. Her expertise spans across different disciplines, which she applies to support companies break down silos and build cross-functional Customer Obsession Teams. Sally’s true passion lies in advocating for a diverse and inclusion workforce. She is a gold-tier facilitator of the #IamRemarkable initiative and helps our customers keep diversity and soft skill enablement front of mind. She provides a fresh perspective, growth mindset and proven experience. By enabling organizations to excel through cross-functional collaboration, she delivers great value to customers.

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