Voice of Customer
Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

Companies who put customers and their feedback front and center in their organizations win!

Understanding what’s important to customers is the recipe for success

Customer retention is a critical aspect of growing your company given it is six times more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep existing ones. To cater to the needs and wants of your existing customers, it is crucial to be on top of their sentiments and feedback throughout every step of their journey. By basing change in your organization on this exact feedback, the loop is closed to ensure maximum value increase. You have to bring the voice of the customer into the business, break down silos between functions and spread the customer word into all teams and business units. The success of a VoC program is based on developing a survey strategy as well as concrete program design, implementation and analyzing.

You want to catch the voice of your customers? 

You may be already using yearly customer surveys? 

Good! Let’s take that one step further and implement a holistic VoC approach!

Holistic Implementation to catch customers’ voice comprehensively

“How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend?”

The NPS Question is already quite common across different industries. However, integrating Voice of Customer and Net Promoter Systems into your company is much more than just the calculation of one score.

VoC solutions combine multiple sources of feedback, such as direct and indirect communications with customers from all different touch points along the customer journey. By integrating technologies of social media monitoring, enterprise feedback management, speech analytics, text mining, and web analytics, your company will view your customers’ voices in a more comprehensive way.

Holistic Voice of Customer - Collect feedback across all Communication Channels

3 steps to implement Voice of Customer and how we supercharge these

True to the motto “don’t ask questions if you don’t want to draw any action from their answers”, it is important to define a VOC strategy and framework conditions before implementing any customer survey.

Which customer voices do you want to collect at which points in time, how do you analyze the results and which actions do you derive from them?

We support you with the VOC implementation and clarify the following fundamental questions with you.

Data Collection

Choose the right survey & tools

Data Collection

Which questions do you want to ask?

Do you use a NPS, CSAT, CES Survey?

Which customer do you address at what point in time?

Which tools can you use to gather the feedback and store the collected data?

Data Analyzing & Sharing

Make your customer data actionable

Data Analyzing & Sharing

How do you analyze and visualize quantitative and qualitative feedback?

How do you extract sentiments easily to detect risks and opportunities?

Which feedback needs to be shared with whom, how and when?


Close the loop with customers and company wide


How do you instantly reach out to detractors and deep dive into their problems?

How do you make ensure that action are taken immediately?

How do you learn from the feedback and close the loop internally to establish changes for the long term?

How do you communicate the improvements made back to your customer base to?

Let’s reveal the power of VoC in your Organization

We deeply believe in the power that a well executed VoC program can have on the customer centricity within every organization. We’ve seen our framework for this succeed multiple times, generating industry leading NPS scores and substantial financial growth. This makes us excited to bring this potential to our customers and your organization! No matter where you are on the journey to implement a Voice of Customer program, we will catch you there and support you on the next steps with state of the art best practices. 

Our Voice of Customer practice includes the following programs: 

  • VOC/NPS Strategy and Framework
    Definition of a VOC Strategy and building a framework which covers relationship & transactional surveys and clarifies overarching detailed issues as well as responsibilities 

  • Voice of the Customer (NPS/CSAT) Program Design
    Designing of the specific program including all questionnaires, analytic process and follow ups

  • Voice of the Customer (NPS/CSAT) Implementation
    Implementation of the VOC program within existing or new systems and embedding in the existing work processes and communication channels

  • System Architecture & Software Selection
    Performing a requirements analysis, tailored system comparison and evaluation with following system implementation

  • Customer and/or Partner community
    Establishment of a community with your partners and / or customers incl. Internal and external roll out 

  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
    Establishing a Customer Advisory board incl. Internal and external roll out