Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Companies that provide a consistent and inspiring customer experience win!

An outstanding customer experience is crucial for any organization to set themselves apart

Customers expect a positive and predictable experience each time they interact with you and your organization. While a once off mind blowing experience can be the differentiator, their amazement is not always about providing extraordinary service that reinvents the wheel. Consistency is the name of the game and delivering service just a bit above average makes them stay on the long term.

What makes a remarkable Customer Experience?

The way to achieving a remarkable experience is successful and strategic Customer Experience Management (CEM). This strategy holistically manages customer touchpoints for each customer segment and persona to create a consistent and memorable experience. The ultimate goal is improved customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, leading to increased sales and growth. For a fully holistic experience, it is crucial to follow an omni-channel approach that is needed to focus on understanding and meeting customer needs and incorporating feedback into your brand.

Here are the 5 steps to implement a successful CEM:

  1. Analyze the current market and your position in it to define strategic goals you want to achieve with your customer experience
  2. Map out your current customer journey to create transparency about the various touchpoints and their respective characteristics
  3. Let your experience be evaluated by your customers and derive individual actions items for your teams
  4. Close the loop by developing a holistic customer experience, which includes allocating resources in a targeted manner, and improving the relevant touchpoints in the most effective way
  5. Implement control measurements of the customer experience and regular customer touchpoint tracking to always be on top of things and make informed decisions.
OmniChannel CustomerExperience
Consistent Customer Experience along the Customer Journey

The heart and center of a world-class customer experience is a well defined customer journey

The customer journey usually consists of the 4+ stages a customer goes through covering everything from the initial contact to sales till post-sales and renewal. Taken together, all customer touchpoints shape the experience and brand perception a customer has of your business.

After the journey is fully mapped, the real value lies in filtering and optimizing all touchpoints that are influential for the customer’s decision. The ultimate goal is to optimize the pain points and highlight the pleasure peaks along the journey.

To ensure an even more developed customer experience,  it is  worth adapting this one Customer Journey to your different customer segments and personas at a later stage of maturity of your Customer Experience Management and create more individualized versions

6 steps to successfully map your customer journey

  1. Define the lifecycle stages and associated activities

  2. Outline the customer goal and challenges for each activity

  3. Explore opportunities in each activity to deliver world-class experience

  4. Rate your current customer experience in each activity

  5. Design process for each activity incl. inputs & outputs and identify the most suitable channel

  6. Set metrics for each activity to measure success

The three building blocks of a consistently high experience:



Customers want to know what they can expect when they interact with your business. They want to feel confident that they will receive the same quality of service, no matter who they are interacting with or what the circumstances are. This consistency is what builds trust and creates loyal customers.


Empowered Staff

Providing extensive employee training and support is the foundation for making your front line staff successful in serving your customers. In addition, they need to be equipped with the power to act on the immediate feedback they are receiving. Empowered and skilled employees will ensure that whatever representative of your organization a customer interacts with, they can expect the same professionalism and expertise.


Systems & Tools

To ensure having a consistent and high-quality service, it is vital to implement standard operating procedures and have technology supporting your teams. With the support of automation, your front line staff is free to serve your customer proactively, compared to reacting to issues only. Only a strong foundation keeps your team's backs free to serve your customers best.

Let’s build a Customer Experience that excites your customers!

Regardless of where you are on your CX Journey, we are here to support you to build a consistent customer experience for your customers, no matter if you heard of it for the first time or need support in the last finishing touches.

Our Customer experience practice includes the following programs:

  • Customer Segmentation
    Definition of a Customer Segmentation model that fits our organizations needs and set different characteristics and service levels accordingly

  • Persona Definition
    Determination of the personas, based on your customer segmentation and customer types, that define the foundation for customer experience, sales and marketing activities 

  • Touchpoint Analysis
    Comprehensive analysis of touch points to find pain points and pleasure peaks. Development of initiatives to harmonize and optimize touchpoints in order to create a consistent customer experience and work efficiently

  • B2B/B2C Customer Journey Map(s)
    Definition of individual Customer Journey Maps for each customer segment and persona