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Customer Support

Customer Support

Your support team members are the front line heroes for resolving customer issues!

Supporting Customers with resourcefulness and empathy

Empowering your support staff to help customers efficiently and effectively is key to delivering a positive customer experience. By equipping them with resourcefulness, support teams can provide effective solutions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The first step to resolving a query is to listen actively and receive it with empathy. This involves understanding and acknowledging the customer’s feelings and concerns, which eventually helps to build trust and foster a strong relationship between your business and your customers. Only together, resourcefulness and empathy will supercharge your support team to provide the personalized and effective support that customers expect and deserve.

Knowing your customers insight and out to spot issues before they arise

A truly customer centric support team should not only react to customers who reach out with problems, but also take a proactive approach to spot and resolve potential issues even before the customer becomes aware of it. There are just a selection of ways to make your support organization predictive and proactive:

  • Monitoring customer feedback through a VoC or Customer 360 program to be on top pain points and challenges
  • Using tools and system to analyze usage data to identify patterns and areas for improvement automatically and automate response sequences to e.g. declines in usage or unresponsiveness to communication
  • Breaking down internal silos by establishing Customer Obsession Teams that keep your support staff up to date on updates on product features or limitations that will impact the need to future support ahead of time

Accessibility 24/7 through multi-channel approach

The key to making support quickly accessible to your customer base at any given moment in time is to follow a multi-channel approach and open more than just one communication channel. These are the pillars we saw succeeding over and over again:


Fast & efficient service

Starting with the traditional version of support, meaning a knowledgeable and tech-savvy team member available for human interaction. Customers expect fast and efficient service, and a responsive customer support team is essential to meet these expectations. They should aim to respond to customer inquiries and issues as quickly as possible, ideally within minutes or hours.


Asynchronous Support

The next building block to your support system is the implementation of asynchronous support through tech. Over are the days of unhelpful chat bots, not being able to understand a customer query properly and just holding the line until a member of your staff picks it up. With the help of AI, modern bots are able to decrease response times and costs associated, while increasing personalization and scalability.


Support through community

The most engaging and sustainable version of asynchronous support is establishing an engaging community of customers and users. A community serves as a forum for customers to seek and receive support from each other, as well as from your business. Customers can ask questions, share feedback, and learn from best practices shared by other customers. This helps to reduce the workload of the support team and provides more timely responses to customers, while creating a sense of belonging and engagement.

Customer support to the rescue at all times!

Customer support is all about making sure your customers are happy and getting the most out of your product with no technical barriers. Think of support teams as your front line heroes, the friendly faces of your business, always ready to lend a helping hand. They’re the ones answering the tough technical questions and fixing any issues that arise. And, with more customer interactions than any other part of your organization, support teams have the power to turn a frustrating experience into a positive one. By doing so, they not only boost customer loyalty but also help turn support from a cost center to a revenue generator.

Customer Support Teams are your front line heroes!

Let’s bring you Customer Support to the next level!

By equipping your Support team with the right tools, skills, and mindset, we can help them tap into the full potential of each customer. 

Our Customer Support practice includes the following programs amongst others:

  • Support Strategy & Organizational Design
    Definition of what role your support team plays in making your business successful and what team structure needs to be established in order to achieve that

  • Support Vision and Purpose
    Clarification of where you want your support to ideally be and what their mission is in order to support overall growth of the organization

  • Optimization of team, processes and systems for customer obsession
    Analysis of your current support offerings and team organization with a view to maximize customer centricity in order to determine suitable adjustments or tools to implement

  • Support Process and Workflow Design
    Establishment of rules of engagement and communication flows to facilitate streamlined and consistent issue resolution

  • Support Tech and Automation
    Selection and implementation of data analysis and automation tools to free your support team’s back to focus on the most critical and timely customer issues
  • Support Key Metrics
    Determination of the objectives of your support team based on measurable outcomes with the maximization of customer satisfaction, which also facilitates a comprehensive internal performance measurement

  • Support P&L
    Determination of the degree to which your support team makes profit through enabling customers to grow sustainably and self-sufficiently over being a mere cost center, as well as advisory on how to shift this balance toward a cost-positive support organization

  • Support Product Packaging
    Tie support product package to scale support services based on customer service level incl. internal and external rollout plan

  • Hiring, Training, Coaching and Retaining Top Support Talent
    Supercharging your support team’s growth by retaining and growing your existent team members through training and coaching, as well as complementing the workforce with suitable new hires that are quickly brought up to speed