The Power of Customer Obsession Teams

The Power of Customer Obsession Teams - A Holistic Approach to Customer Service

In today’s business world, customer service is more important than ever before. With so many options available to customers, businesses must go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied and loyal. This is where Customer Obsession Teams (COTs) come in.

What are Customer Obsession Teams?

COTs take a holistic approach to customer service, focusing on the customer journey and all the people involved along the way, rather than individual departments. This approach is all about being proactive and efficient when it comes to customer problems and needs. All internal resources available for a customer within your team rally as one team around an account, to be of most service as possible. Customer complaints are investigated, new solutions are developed, and customer satisfaction is measured, always with customer centricity in mind.

How do I start establishing COTs?

To create a successful COT, it’s important to start with the customer journey map. It has to be comprehensive and mapped out in detail. This map shows all the stages of the journey, including sales, deployment, adoption and expansion, and renewal. It also includes all the internal roles involved in these stages. By creating transparency about every contributor, silos are broken down and forces are joined to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

The next step is to align all the mapped roles with the responsibilities they carry. This alignment should be focused on their contribution to a satisfied and loyal customer. This role definition is crucial for a streamlined process, including internal language/terminology that needs to be agreed on and applied. Additionally, the rules of engagement need to be set out clearly to avoid friction and confusion down the line. The importance here is to create a clear understanding of how roles should interact with each other and with customers. This will ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience, and will help to build trust and loyalty.

Another key element of a successful COT is communication. It’s essential that information and customer history are communicated along the journey. This includes shared responsibility of all roles within a COT for customer satisfaction, putting focus on seamless handovers with constant visibility of historic customer data and eventually increased satisfaction.

What a COT could look like

Customer Obsession Teams

Long story short… Transforming the Customer Experience through Holistic Approach and Effective Communication

To sum it up, a Customer Obsession Team is a must-have for any business that wants to prioritize customer service and loyalty. By taking a holistic approach to the customer journey and aligning all roles with their responsibilities, businesses can ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience. Additionally, by emphasizing communication and shared responsibility, businesses can build trust and loyalty with their customers. If you want to take your customer service to the next level, consider implementing a COT in your organization.

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