Strategic advice and tactical plans equipping you to be customer centric resulting in retention and growth.

Covering all customer related areas. Tailored to your needs.

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Customer Obsessing Consulting – Our practices

Because each company is unique, we design a customized program just for you. 

Projects may include programs from the following practices:

Customer Success

Customer Success

Unlock your full Customer Success Potential by equipping your CSMs with the right tools, skills ans mindset.

Customer Success

Customer Success Managers are there to be a trusted advisor to your customers, ensuring they get maximum value leading to retention and growth.

  • Customer Success Maturity
  • CS Vision & Mission | Strategy & Charter
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Customer Obsession Teams
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Onboarding Process Design & Implementation
  • CS Playbooks for Journey Touchpoints
  • Customer Health Score | Customer 360
  • Tech & Automation to scale
  • Expansion and Nurture campaigns
  • Hiring, Training, Coaching and Retaining Top CS Talent
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    Customer Support

    Customer Support

    With the most customer interactions of anyone in your organization, we move support teams from being seen as cost centers to being revenue centers.

    Customer Support

    With the most customer interactions of anyone in your organization, we move support teams from being seen as cost centers to being revenue centers.

  • Support Strategy & Organizational Design
  • Support Vision and Purpose
  • Analysis & Optimization of Customer Support Team, Processes & Systems
  • Support Process and Workflow Design
  • Support Tech and Automation
  • Support Key Metrics
  • Support P&L
  • Support Product Packaging
  • Hiring, Training, Coaching and Retaining Top Support Talent
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    Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement & Experience

    Let’s make your employees a priority! Create a workplaces that not only benefit your employees but also your customers and your businesses as a whole.

    Employee Engagement & Experience

    Employee Engagement is the foundation of Customer Obsession and is the foundation of a company's success.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Strength Analysis & Teambuilding
  • Employee Experience
  • eNPS Strategy and Framework
  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention
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    Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    Deliver an outstanding and consistent customer experience along the customer journey.

    Customer Experience

    A holistic customer experience comprises the systematic analysis, planning, implementation and control of all customer touchpoints along their journey with your company. This ensures a consistent level of service throughout the entire customer life cycle.

  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Defining Personas
  • Touchpoint Analysis
  • B2B/B2C Customer Journey Map(s)
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    Voice of Customer

    Voice of Customer

    Understand whats important to your customers through VOC and NPS Programms.

    Voice of the Customer (VoC)

    Understanding what’s important to your customers is foundational for success. Closing the loop by driving change in your business based on customer feedback, ensures maximum value for you and your customers (a win/win approach).

  • VoC/NPS Strategy and Framework
  • VoC Program Design
  • VoC Implementation
  • System Architecture & Software Selection
  • Customer and/or Partner community
  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
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    Customer Advocacy

    Customer Advocacy

    Turn your customers into raving fans and release the power of customer advocates.

    Customer Advocacy

    Turning customers into raving fans is the ultimate goal of all post-sales teams. No other marketing channel is as authentic and potent to deliver sustainable growth than word of mouth.

  • Customer and/or Partner community
  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
  • Referral / Loyalty Programs
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    Benefit from our holistic Aproach

    Additional Services​

    To holistically establish customer centricity in your business, we offer you support in choosing and implementing systems in addition to our consulting programs. When it comes to enhancing the full potential of your post-sales leaders and employees, we provide individual coaching and mentoring as well as specific training courses and workshops. ​


    System Implementation

    System Analysis





    Coaching & Mentoring

    Leadership & Coaching

    1:1 Mentoring

    Goal Setting

    Personal Growth


    Trainings & Workshops

    Soft Skills

    Project Management

    Process Design

    Technical Skills