Customer Success
Customer Success

Customer Success

Increase customer retention by making your customers wildly successful!

Operationalize Customer Centricity through Customer Success

Proactively supporting your customers to get the most value out of your products or services, is the day to day business of a Customer Success team. Customer Success Managers are there to be a trusted advisor to your customers, guiding them day in and day out to get the most possible value, resulting in revenue retention and growth.

Customer Relationship

Customer Success Manager build a deep relationship to their customers. They anticipate challenges and questions, provide answers and solutions, and find pockets of growth within your existing customer base

High-touch, low-toch & tech-touch

A skilled Customer Success team will help both your most important high-touch customers excel as well as cater to the needs of a large number of low- or tech-touch customers. The suitable model of low to high touch services highly depends on the nature of your business and structure of your customer base

System Support

Supported by the right automation tooling, your CSMs are able to follow a proactive, ideally predictive approach to serving customers. With the help of robust customer health measurement and processes, your CSMs can really focus on delivering the best value to your customers.

What exactly does a Customer Success Manager do?
Who is responsible for adoption and ensuring customers get value? Who handles expanding the product and services footprint for customers?

Questions like this are quite common in today’s organizations. As a relatively new discipline, it is crucial for customer success teams to set clear roles and responsibilities for themselves and the teams around them.

A seamless customer experience requires precise roles & responsibilities and process with well defined playbooks, for the following reasons:

  • Ensure accountability and prevent confusion about who owns
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining processes and sharpening each team member’s focus
  • Encourage collaboration between team members and cross-functionally
  • Support team growth by setting clear roles & responsibilities from the start and aligning them with your organization’s goals
  • Shortening communication paths

That’s why our Customer Success programs typically start with establishing a CS Team Charter to ensure a common understanding across the organization. Based on this, we will continue with building a customer segmentation model to categorize the customer base and define service levels. With this base we recommend building Customer Obsession Teams depending on the customer segment and defining the rules of engagement. 

Clear Roles & Responsibilities needed for efficient work

5 Characteristics

of Customer Success


Long term Focused

Customer Focused

Revenue Generating

Driving Customer Value from Product

Establish Customer Obsession Teams to optimize the Customer Experience

In order to truly thrive, we at Customer Obsessing are convinced that establishing Customer Obsession Teams for each customer or segment is key. This is how you can live a holistic approach to refocus from individual departments to center the attention on the customer journey and all individuals involved along it. Improved collaboration among key customer contacts will foster the customer relationship and increase customer loyalty.

Customer Obsession Teams
Customer Success as a Value Center not a Cost Center

Customer Success as a real value center not a cost center

Treating customer success as a value center rather than a cost center reflects a shift in your mindset from viewing customers as an expense to seeing them as a source of revenue and growth. In a true value center model, you appreciate your customer success teams as critical drivers of business growth and success. They work to help customers achieve their goals, use products or services effectively, and ultimately become loyal and satisfied customers.

We help you to make this transformation happen, by shifting your mindset from reactive to proactive, break down silos and involve CSMs along the Journey!

Let’s unlock your full Customer Success Potential!

By equipping CSMs with the right tools, skills, and mindset, we can help them tap into the full potential of each customer. It’s time to shift our thinking about customer success and unlock the full potential of our teams and our customers.

Our Customer Success practice includes the following programs amongst others:

  • Customer Success Maturity
    Determination of the stage your CS team currently is at regarding proactivity and predictability

  • CS Vision & Mission | Strategy & Charter
    Clarification of where you want your CS to be and what their mission is in order to support overall growth of the organization

  • Roles & Responsibilities
    Definition of the role your CS team play in the larger organization, what falls in and out of the scope of their role and how rules of engagement look like within your customer services processes

  • Customer Obsession Teams
    Unification of all customer facing roles working with a customer or persona in the idea of customer centricity to enable smooth communication channels and a consistent service levels

  • Customer Segmentation
    Definition of a Customer Segmentation model that fits our organizations needs and set different characteristics and service levels accordingly

  • Onboarding Process Design & Implementation
    Planning and implementation of a customer onboarding process to ensure a short and consistent time to value to set your customer up for success
  • CS Playbooks for Journey Touchpoints
    Streamlining of all interaction happening along the customer journey to increase efficiency and consistency, while reinforcing internal processes and rules of engagements

  • Customer Health Score | Customer 360
    Enablement of your CS teams to measure and visualize all aspect influencing a customers satisfaction and loyalty through data management and automation

  • Tech & Automation to scale
    Underpinning all previously named projects by tooling to streamline and automate customer data management along all touchpoints

  • Expansion and Nurture campaigns
    Exploration of up- and cross-sell potentials to your equip CS team with the sales tool to realize these revenue growth potentials, with additional loyalty upkeep actions to keep those steady repurchasing customers satisfied

  • Hiring, Training, Coaching and Retaining Top CS Talent
    Supercharging your CS team growth by retaining and growing your existent team members through training and coaching, as well as complimenting the workforce with suitable new hires that are quickly brought up to speed