Customer Advocacy
Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy

Companies that release the power of customer advocacy win!

Go one step further and turn your customers into raving fans – let's them become your customer advocates

In a world of ever-growing customer expectations, fierce competition and homogenized products, simply satisfying customers is no longer enough. It’s time to take customer experience to the next level and go above and beyond in inspiring and exciting our customers. By exceeding their expectations, you can create an emotional connection and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. But more importantly, get your customer excited to spread their excitement through word of mouth. 

Personalizing the customer experience and consistently delivering just a little above average is key to creating amazement and building loyalty. Our Customer Advocacy programs go one step further by building communities, integrating loyalty programs and directly involve customers in your decisions through Customer Advisory Boards.

Let’s aim to build strong customer relationships and turn them into raving fans!

Make your customers seen and heard through the power of community!

Creating a thriving community is a fantastic way to extend the value you bring to existing customers but it also offers so much more.


… extends your team beyond the reach of your employee base, allowing others to connect to your company/brand. This can include partners, other current or prospective customers as well as brand enthusiasts. In many cases, customers and partners help other customers and partners.

centralizes knowledge by sharing docs, videos, blogs, etc. This enables better search capabilities and therefore improve ease of access and time to find information.

allows questions to be answered once and shared forever.

allows employees from all over your company, not just those in customer support, to connect with customers. It brings your organization closer to customers and giving employees a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities across the customer base.

is an incredible way of bringing the voice of your customers into your business and making it visible to every part of your organization. One opportunity for this is by incorporating the ability for customers to post and vote on product and service offering ideas. This drives roadmaps and prioritization and more closely connecting customers and partners with product teams.

Get insights from the experts on your customer base: your customers!

The importance of customer feedback for sustainable customer satisfaction and growth cannot be overstated. That’s why we are here to help you establish a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). In CABs, a select group of customers meets regularly with company representatives to talk about products, services, and business strategies. With the help of CAB programs, our customers gain valuable insights into their customers’ needs and preferences. This helps them improve their offerings and eventually increase customer satisfaction. As well as fostering a sense of trust and collaboration, CABs provide a forum for customers to share feedback, concerns, and ideas. Ultimately, a CAB program will help you increase customer loyalty, build stronger relationships, and improve your financial results on the long term.

Customer Advisory Board - Listen to your customers and get them actively involved

Let’s unlock the power of Customer Advocates!

Want to hear about the successes we’ve seen through community building and how to achieve it?

Our Customer Advocacy practice includes the following programs amongst others:

  • Customer and/or Partner community
    Establishment of a community with your partners and / or customers incl. internal and external roll out.  

  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
    Introduction of a Customer Advisory board to your business incl. internal and external roll out.

  • Referral / Loyalty Programs
    Definition and implementation of referral / loyalty programs to increase customer retention