We work with Customers across different Industries, Company Sizes and Departments

Our deep roots lay in High Tech Companies (e.g. SaaS, CPaaS, Robotics, eCommerce, Dev Ops, IoT), who serve enterprise mid market & developer customer types. Also we support Companies in Transformation (e.g from Hardware/On-Premises/BPO to SaaS).

We empower our customers to achieve higher sales growth, customer satisfaction, and loyalty while fostering increased employee commitment and satisfaction.

Teresa Göstenmeier from Customer Obsessing

What our Customers say about us​

“Our team is very happy with the help from Customer Obsessing. A great Customer Success team makes a huge difference in retention and expansion and we are starting to see both.”
Craig Malloy, CEO, Vecna Robotics

“Discovering our strengths helped us to understand each other and connect more closely as one team.”

VP of Customer Success, Orquest

“You helped us to prevent an executive mis-hire and also expedited the hiring process by 6-9 months.”

Scott Johnston, CEO, Docker

“The learning about  ourselves was huge!”

CSM, Vecna Robotics

“I really liked the systematic approach, as this is often pushed into the background. In addition, it was great to exchange ideas about challenges and opportunities in the group and to develop a common understanding. It is important that everyone gets out of their microcosm and gets a view of the big picture.”

Head of Product Management, Paychex

Let's speak Numbers

0 B

Annual Recurring Revenue

We managed up to $1B ARR with our customers

0 M

Scale ARR

We saw our Framwork at scale – We scaled Companies from $0 to > $100M in Annual Recurring Revenue

0 %

Net Revenue Retention

We achieved up to 171% Net Revenue Retention with our Customers



We increased the Net Promoter Score from -4 to 84 in two years.

Case Studies

These real-life success stories offer valuable insights into tackling challenges, achieving outstanding results, and discovering innovative solutions. Explore what we do and how we work on real customer examples. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You want to learn more about our Customer Projects and their Outcomes?

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