Beyond Internal Walls: Unlocking the Power of External Customer Journey Mapping

Beyond Internal Walls: Unlocking the Power of External Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping (CJM) is often seen as an internal exercise, a tool for organizations to visualize and improve their customer experience (CX). But what if we told you the magic truly happens when you step outside the walls? Enter external CJM, a powerful approach that extends the map’s reach to your customers themselves.

Employee Engagement

Why Go External?

  • Authentic Insights: Get real-time, unfiltered feedback directly from your customers. Forget assumptions, let their experiences guide your strategy.
  • Shared Vision: Build a transparent understanding of your journey together. Align expectations and foster trust through open communication.
  • Collaborative Improvement: Involve customers in identifying pain points and brainstorming solutions. Leverage their expertise for meaningful change.
Voice of Customer

Go and Ask your Customers – Building your CJM based on their feedback:

  • Gather Input: Conduct workshops, surveys, and social media listening to capture diverse perspectives. Make participation easy and incentivize feedback.
  • Co-create the Map: Collaborate with customer groups to visualize their journey. Let them map touchpoints, identify challenges, and suggest improvements.
  • Dynamic Updates: Don’t let your map gather dust. Use VoC tools and feedback channels to gather ongoing input and ensure your map reflects reality.
Customer Experience

CJM as a Guideline for your Customer – Benefits for Onboarding & Adoption:

  • Reduce Friction: Identify and address onboarding pain points early on. Use the map to streamline processes and enhance the first impression.
  • Boost Adoption: Clearly communicate product value and usage steps through the map. Guide customers towards success and eliminate confusion.
  • Increase Engagement: Sharing the map demonstrates transparency and encourages customer involvement. Build trust and ownership of the experience.