Case Study Orquest - Rollout New Org Structure & Establishing Post-Sales Specializations

Case Study Orquest – Empower Employees and establish PM Templates to ensure Customer Obsession

In this case study, we highlight the successful employee enablement project at Orquest Software SLORQUEST Software is a SaaS-based workforce planning and management software for the retail and restaurant industry. This project ran in parallel with the rollout of a new org structure and specialized post-sales roles that we facilitated through strategic consulting. During that engagement, we empowered the post-sales employees through soft-skills training and equipped them with project management (PM) foundations and tools to ensure customer obsession.



  • 4 months
  • 2 workshop a 90 monutes per month

  • High Level Approach

  • Employee Engagement Workshops
  • Soft Skills Coaching
  • PM Fundamentals